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Who Am I?

Hi, My name is Tomas “Grumpy” Sikora currently, a student of the second year of Photogenia Institute of Photography in Brno.  This web is a sum of portfolio and introduction to my work. If you want to shoot with me, hire me or just chat, please scroll down for contact and more details about my work and process.

What I do
I tend to lean closer to portrait/fashion photography but potentially I am willing to do anything else until it is moral and legal 😀
Always trying to combine a human-centric approach with my technology skill, I have just two rules

- Let's have some fun! Photography is about humans, If we work together, we better enjoy ourselves.
- Our time is expensive! Our lives are short! if we agree on something there is no last time canceling.

I don't consider myself to be PRO photographer so in case of any commercial contracts, any price/term negotiations are done individually in person. I can assure you that I will give you the best possible results for your money.

Time For Photos (TFP)
Just write me a message, and specify, what do you want to shoot.
We will sign a TFP contract and agree on the terms.
Unfortunately, I am working fulltime studying two universities and sometimes it can be pretty hard to squeeze you to my schedule so please be patient.

I don't provide unprocessed photographies (I use Photoshop and Bridge)
I shoot usually in Brno
Post-processing / Pre-Production can take some time in case of TFP

Paid Work
Specify your requirements
- what do you want me to shoot?
- how much time do we have?
- What is the desired price range for you?

After that I will contact you back as soon as possible, first, we will agree on how the work should look like, later agree on terms and rules, sign the contract and prepare all necessary details.
Then we will shoot together in an agile manner, where I will try to get as much feedback from you as possible, and we will not stop until work is done.


Contact me